Retail Baked Goods

Serving 6:30am until 2:00pm daily


Nothing elicits a feeling of joy and happiness than the smell of fresh baked pastries and breads.  It is why we love what we do and why we wake up early to bake and prepare these amazing products, including our signature Kettle Boiled Bagels for our customers. 

Delivery is available or call ahead and we can have your order ready for pickup.

Retail Bakery Items...

Assorted Bagels
Individual - $1.29
Baker’s Dozen - $11.99  with cream cheese - $19.99

Bagel Flavors:
Plain, Onion, Cinnamon, Asiago Cheese, Japeeno Cheddar, Sesame, Poppy, Everything, Wheat, Blueberry, Cranberry


With Butter - $2.00
With Cream Chese Schmear - $3.25
Plain, Veggie, Jalapeño, Strawberry, Lox, Green Onion, Sun Dried Tomato, Blueberry
With Nova Spread - $4.25
With Eggs - $3.99
With Cheese - $3.29

Assorted Muffins - $1.75

Banana Nut, Blueberry, Cranberry, Apple, Bran, Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Lemon Poppy, Strawberry, Carrot, Orange, PumpKin

Danish - $2.25

Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Cheese, Almond, Cinnamon, Raspberry, Apple Crumb, Coconut 

Scones -$2.25 

Blueberry, Cranberry, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Raisin

Croissant - $1.75

Butter, Chocolate Chip, Swiss Cheese

Breakfast Loaves - $8.95

Banana Nut, Blueberry, Cranberry, Chocolate Chip, Zucchini, Lemon Poppy, Orange, Marble, Pumpkin

Sweet Stuff...

Black & White Cookies - $1.75
Sticky Buns - $2.25
Fudge Brownies - $2.25
Coffee Cake - $4.95
Apple Turnover - $2.75
Eclair (small) - $1.25
Eclair (large) - $2.50
Cannoli (small) - $1.25
Cannoli (large) - $2.50
Fruit Tart (small) - $1.25
Fruit Tart (large) - $2.50
Cupcake - $1.25