Business Model...

Our business model has always been fairly simple...

1. Keep the customer satisfied at all costs.  
Service is more than just a smile...but a smile certainly does go a long way.  We believe that the services that we provide are a big reason why we get repeat business and the positive word of mouth that we do.  Regardless of what our customers come in for, we want them leaving feeling good about their experience.  

2. Provide a good product at a fair price.  
Our product is made with love and pride.  We genuinely love what we do and we enjoy making our guests happy.  Our goal is to provide the best product that we can at a fair price so that our customers feel they got a good value.  

3. Build good relationships within the community. 
Being a part of a community is important to us and developing those relationships with our patrons and other businesses means a great deal to us.  We have good connections with local business leaders, first responders and government employees, as well as the community as a whole and continuing to maintain those and develop others is what we strive for.    

4. Happy employees are the key to success.   
Some may say that their employees are their "bread & butter", but ours are our bagels & cream cheese.  What we know is that having a good employee is hugely important to our success.  We depend highly on them and so ensuring their happiness is a big deal to us.  

We have an incredible team and we love our employees.  Our effort is a collaboration of individuals.  There is no one person that makes it all happen and we depend on one another to be successful.  Every individual has a role to play and like a symphony, what is produced is beauty personified.  

Mac Abdallah

Owner and Operator, City Bagel & Cafe

Mac Abdallah came to New York from Jerusalem in 1975 with one thing on his mind and that was the American Dream. A college student during the day and a baker during the night, he saved up enough money to open his own bakery in 1980 in Long Island, NY. Soon after, Mac needed to expand out of the NYC area to grow his business and start a family. He opened multiple bakeries and shopping centers throughout the RDU Triangle (Raleigh, NC) and then decided Atlanta would be the next stop to expanding his business. Since then he has provided the Atlanta community with incredible service and products, offering wholesale and retail, dine-in and delivery of his products, including his signature Kettle Boiled Bagels from his Sandy Springs location. Looking into the future, Mac wants to expand his cafe's and widen the range of his reach in the Atlanta community and market.


Just a few comments about what our customers have shared about us.  We thank you all.   

Mac and the folks at City Bagel & Cafe are wonderful people.  Having worked with Mac from the business side of things, I can tell you that he is committed to giving the best customer service possible.  He goes above & beyond to ensure your satisfaction and has been there when we needed him on more occasions than I can count.  He is as genuine a person as there is. 

Steve Hamilton -
Asst. Exec Director Mount Vernon Towers 

Delivering for the good of the community...

City Bagel & Cafe shows concern for their community and their employees during Covid-19 crisis

Business Hours

  • Monday - Sunday

    06:30am – 02:00pm